Poker Tournaments Are Run by Magnanimous Causes Like Darfur

  • March 21, 2020

Playing online poker may be the main reason for the heady success of online casinos worldwide, but casino gambling has been instrumental in helping with global issues. There is a great popularity that quickly became known worldwide, especially during championships, when many prizes and prizes are awarded to the lucky participants.

It must be borne in mind that the winnings are not fully consumed by the gaming professionals. The victories are also donated by noble causes, such as feeding millions of hungry people in devastated regions of the world. World problems like war, tribal conflicts, poverty and hunger are a painful reality that takes lives each year. To bring peace to the war-torn region of Darfur, Sudan, poker champions Cheadle, Annie Duke and Norman Epstein secured a fund for Africa in operation in 2006.

The project involved a poker tournament that brought together many celebrities around the world to raise money over $ 10,000 to help people who suffered and were left without food and shelter. Due to the presence of the main celebrities of the program, the most avid game enthusiasts are attracted to Agen PKV Games participate in the tournament to see the great personalities and see how it feels to rub their elbows with them.

Almost $ 2.5 million raised!

The success achieved by such magnanimity was possible due to the exceptional popularity of the casino game played over the Internet, which brought together millions of participants from different parts of the world. Hundreds of thousands of participants are willing to invest their time in this game because they don’t have to leave their rooms. From being just an entertainment for the experienced player and the novice, poker has come to benefit suffering humanity in impoverished Africa. During the initial day, the amount raised for the charity was unbelievably higher than expected.

The expected amount was between twenty thousand and thirty thousand dollars, but a huge amount of seven hundred thousand dollars surprised everyone. In the next few years after the start of the charity tournament, nearly $ 2.5 million has already been raised to assist victims in Darfur. In addition, the group aims to raise more funds by moving around the world from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo.

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