• December 12, 2019

NCAA College Football Picks

Choosing NCAA college football picks is like picking a bunch of random numbers to hit. You’re not sure you’ll get it right, but you can bet something will get it right – be it the shit on the fan or lightning in your head. Either way, you better be ready to bend down or catch the raindrop falling on your head.

Unlike NFL football choices, college football choices have fairly wide spreads – and for good reason. As the margin between the best teams and the worst teams can really be a big gap. Unlike professional football, any team can beat another team on any day of the week.

The spread explained

Spread betting was developed to create a larger betting market where there is an obvious incompatibility between two opponents, commonly known as favorites against the oppressed. But why would anyone in their right mind bet against the favorite? They must be favorites for a reason.

This is where the spread comes in. Instead of choosing a direct winner or loser, a player bets on the point differential or the point result in a game. Another way to call it isĀ  Bola88“handicapping”. Basically, a point spread is given to the oppressed so that those who bet on the oppressed have an equal chance of winning.

Bookmakers Draw the Lines for “Spreading” a Game A spread of 4 means that a favorite must earn more than 4 points for a bettor to bet on it. If in any case the favorite wins by less than 4 points or loses, those who bet on the unlucky win.

Simple – but the devil is in the details

Sounds pretty simple eh? However, after taking into account different factors such as playing condition, team roster, injuries, coaches, wins or losses, who plays at home and who is visiting, you will come up with a much more complicated system of placing bets. NCAA college football choices are like all choices of any sport. You need to have a reliable system and you need a good handicapper to guide you. Preferably one with years and years of experience. A newbie may impress you with an unbelievable stroke of luck that he has done, but sooner or later, he will hit Murphy’s Law. And that’s where it will suck to hear yourself why you decided to go with a streaker than with an experienced handicapper. An experienced handicapper winner. After all, there are also seasoned losers, gathering years and years of nothing but lost stretch marks.

So where can you find the best NCAA college football options?

Truth to tell? There is no best when it comes to gambling. There is only: the best of the moment and the best maximum chance you can get.

The best way to profit from college football is to find a proven system combined with a good handicapper. Don’t fall for the game of years or bet everything on one game. Find a system that works and use it to your full advantage.


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